01. “Impending Rebirth”
02. “Allowed Exception”
03. “My Epiphany”
04. “Resilience”
05. “Whispering Shadows”
06. “Inside My Sadness”
07. “Unbridgeable Void”
08. “Bury Me”
09. “Tree Of Life”
10. “A Price To Pay”
11. “A Path Bound For Tomorrow”

“RESILIENCE” available from November 23rd in beautiful digipak edition.
“RESILIENCE” is a hymn to courage, to determination, to the capability to address negative events towards the direction of experience and personal growth. It is the voice inside who whispers to you not to give up, and shouts loud when it’s time to fight, to forgive and believe in yourself. As what really matters is the willingness to better yourself, despite of falls and mistakes.

Whispering Shadows

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